jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

thinking makes it so…

For this week I was thinking to write about family and all that stuff that comes to our mind on the holydays  but well that went kind of different coz the only thing that’s been haunting my mind it a quote of the movie Forest Gump "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.",  And as my mom wisely added " and that’s why Gia ( its my family nick name ) you have to try every single one so u can find out what flavor you like and what flavor you don’t like "…. So as the week went on I started analyzing how may times we make wrong choices that they may seem like right ones for a moment but then you realize they weren’t that good, so at first they may taste sweet and smooth and as you continue  the flavor becomes kind of sour.

and in life we make choices all the time, even thou we don’t even think about it for example every day you automatically make the choice to wake up and go to our jobs, schools , to take a bath, to eat lunch , what to eat, how to dress , what to see on tv, etc..
so life its full of choices some of them are conscience and well some of them are unconscious, and this is something very interesting if we think a little about the things we do automatically we might find out that the choice we make are not the best ones, and let me clear my point saying in life it doesn’t matter if you don’t make the right choice all the time, almost everyone is lucky enough to correct themselves and find the right way for them.  And actually sometimes the choices we make are maybe the right choice for us but that doesn’t mean that in the same situation others will make the same choice that we did, and this is neither good or bad, its just different.
So choices in life are relative, so I can say it depends on the eye of the beholder.
like when we choose a partner and this illustrates better what I was trying to say at first in the reading, when we chose a partner that seems like the right choice for us at first because he is sweet and polite and good looking  and then for whatever reason we find out that they aren’t that great for us the choice becomes sour.  But thankfully that’s why you have always the chance to change your mind.
And its not only for this kind of thing every day we decide a lot of things… sometimes the taste of a decision may be sour, sometimes it will be so sweet that you can’t  believe it.
But no matter the choices good or bad we make those are the things that make the person you are and the person you may be.
And actually like Shakespeare used to say; “there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so…
So sometimes we may feel down for some of the choices we had made, but don’t worry and see that maybe that "wrong" decision will make us learn and grow and that makes us better.
You may wonder how did I get to this conclusion and as I was bonding whit my cousins Maiky and Adrian they asked me, Gia do you have regrets? Like if you went back on time is there something you would do different? And my answer whit out thinking was NO…. so that’s true I really don’t have regrets  its not that I’ve always pick the best choice but the wrong decision as I said  before made me learn and makes me be the person I am.

So no matter what  decision you make in life  be thankful  because that made you who you are and well to be happy and in peace whit our self’s it’s the best thing we can do….

So don’t worry or wonder that much about you’re choice ….. just do it… coz in the long run that choice it’s you !!!!

jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Just enjoy the ride!!!

 Well this week I been thinking a lot about life, where I was a few months ago, where I am now, where I am going to go, and I got to the conclusion that LIFE is a journey. We are all on this Tripp, to discover so many things, possibilities I mean, and SURE! , sure we really don’t know where we will end up, but be certain about one thing: everything happens for a reason, people we meet in our way, people we love dearly, people we learn so much of, people we can’t stand, people that it’s very difficult to say goodbye to, places we go, things that make us happy or sad, situations that moves us, everything is part of this incredible and unknown journey.
So this week I have done a lot of soul searching and well I realize that everyone that has been a part of my life one way or another had teach me a lot of things…. And for that thank u all… thanks, for happy, funny, strange, sad, angry, stressed, uncertain, times, because that plays a very important role in who I am now…  
sometimes this journey can be so sweet more that u can ever imagine, so pleasant that’s wonderful and we feel we are in a dream … and sometimes life can be a biatchhhh….bitter and so hard… so I have been thinking a lot on happy times, exiting memories, full of joy memories  and  as well in sad ones. And  the people in them… and analyzing how much even thou sometimes it’s in an unconscious way the fact is we are always learning…from everyone you learn! That’s amazing… it could be just a smile in difficult times, or a hug to give strength and support, a comment that brings you joy or melancholia, a sad face, different way to see life, everything…

    So life is a journey that is forever changing… and it’s different for everyone in every way….and you might been thinking were I m going whit all of this and the answer its simple:  even thou we know that life is a journey that’s forever changing and all of us are very different, we all make plans and wonder about our destination and that my friends its totally out of bounds… the future it’s not always to see..  But still we wonder: where are we heading? At least I do… a lot… and sometimes I really get stressed…
    And yes I know it’s kind of confusing sometimes (life I mean) …. But the only thing I can tell you it’s relax and take it easy.. Breath, enjoy and live the moment…. Every each of them are important and don’t worry about the future... because the present makes the future and as Audrey Hepburn (my all time favorite actress) used to say: “Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.”

So  I personally think that  in our life we have many destinations, and in every each and single one of them we learn something  so when we make this stop and learn the thing that we are supposed to learn,  then we go  still on the same journey because we have to learn something else.. That makes us better... Wiser... so this stops on the journey... thats LIFE  … we have to learn but yet we have to enjoy them, the laughter the tears, the tastes, the smells everything...
And I think that the most important thing to do is to really live!!!… And no matter the road because sometimes it can be kind of slow or bumpy enjoy every single moment...

Life is a rollercoaster so just enjoy the ride!!!! 

jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010


This week as I was thinking on what to write about   something  really strange happened to me,  as I was running in  the beautiful  Seattle city  I saw a sign that said HOPE!!! It just said that... it was not advertising it was just… HOPE!! Just like that, so I started thinking maybe this week I should write about HOPE so the first resource its always Wikipedia and it says: Hope or Esperance is a belief  in a positive outcome related to events and   circumstances    in one's life.
But if u think about it it’s not just a positive belief or outcome at all… Hope includes certain amount of wants, wishes, despair, achievements and also failure.
So as the week went on I started asking almost everyone… what does HOPE means to you?  and believe me when I say I asked almost everybody, complete strangers even, and yes I got really weird looks  actually, like... what does she care what I think ?or what does this lunatic girl wants?!!! Hahahhaha.
So I got a lot of  answers some of them were HOPE it means faith in something , some of them told me that HOPE was an attitude and a lot of them more than you think were mmm how to say It…  there were kind lost, some times they answered .. it’s a feeling …. So HOPE  it’s a feeling? Or, an emotion? Is it? really?
So I started getting together what to write, and here it goes … HOPE it’s a belief that what you want to happen, will happen!!!  But let’s be a real people!!!  that rarely happens.   And I’m not trying to bring u down or something but sometimes we want the most strange and improbably things to happen to us!!! Like for example  I HOPE to win the lottery!!... ok that’s a wish but if you don’t buy a lottery ticket well  … connect the dots….. or fill out the blanks as u like it.

 And it comes to my mind and I will quote the Rolling Stones  with their great hit:  YOU CANT ALLWAYS GET WHAT U WANT, BUT IF YOU TRY SOMETIMES U GET WHAT U NEED… so u HOPE that something that you truly want to happen … happens … but if it doesn’t we settle? … Saying... Ok maybe that wasn’t for me?  Don’t misunderstand me I’m a girl that really believes in HOPE  but the truth  is that  It might sometimes happens just exactly the thing that you wished for (and that’s wonderful) but you can never guarantee  that the thing that you had HOPE for  will  come  true, and if it does let me tell u something my friend u are a very lucky person!!! Good 4 u. but for all the regular human beens out there let me continue…
Many times I have HOPE, HOPE to be rich,  HOPE to be successful doing something,  HOPE to be happy always, HOPE to have a good job, HOPE to find true love, and well many more… And even thou those HOPES are rarely fulfilled its amazing how our life depends on HOPE!!! So HOPE it’s on our dally bases and well….
HOPES can be for actually everything, business, family matters, love, health and for any other thing… Think about it !!!!
When the thing that you had HOPED for gets fulfilled… then you become the happiest person, but when it doesn’t … then you may have the hardest deception not only with yourself but with life in general... And we ask God, the universe, the higher powers… whatever u believe in…. WHY ME???
For me and this might sound kind of  weird  but after some soul searching I found out about myself that there are 2 kinds of HOPE for me….
The first one is  like… I  really HOPE  for my best,  to get what I want. Period.
The second kind of HOPE it emerges within me when the thing I HOPED for in the first place doesn’t  come true, then I really  try not  to  take it too hard and well not only worry  but to act in another way to get what I want and need  in the first place!!!
 So I can say I have HOPE not only in success, but mostly I have HOPE in me!!!  To get out there and try again!!  Oh well let me be honest I try to do that all the time…. Sometimes I succeed sometimes I don’t…. and that’s fine...
But  that is well not that general opinion because … and please believe me when I say my friend has a friend that well when she doesn’t get what she wants and by the time she wants it,  she gets depressed and wait a sec if u do this please don’t feel offended because I’m not saying is bad it’s just different of what I used to, ok but I continue she feels  really bad and finds a replacement of her wish  in something not quite as healthy  for her and she feels and I quote her:  to be HOPEFUL is like being a failure!!! So don’t have HOPE  that doesn’t exist!!! ,
And sorry but  as lousy as it might sounds she gives up on HOPE .. But let me tell u something you may HOPE for  good things to happen to u,  but if you don’t move a finger  well …yes HOPE  will let u down !!!!
And  well if u really want something I mean really, really want something,  there are other ways to get the success u want .. u know HOPE  can’t do it alone… there are your effort and interest. There are good tools 2..
And if one day u had HOPE for getting  that thing you wanted , but you failed, I think  the best thing you can do is to have some HOPE again for getting the same thing again and again. That will make the right meaning of “try and try until you get it”
In my opinion, HOPE  matters a lot, but its not just like a  belief  in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances  in one's life and leave it to destiny  it’s more like believing   in yourself  and if u believe and have a little HOPE in u  it will probably lead u to success.

And that leads you to happiness and that finally  that leads to other success.
So There should be HOPE, HOPE for light in our life’s and success and there should be another HOPE for not being successful  and have the will to  try  again and again   to get it… So no matter what…. never give up to get what u want because I truly believe that U CAN ALWAYS GET WHAT U WANT AND NEED NO EXCEPTIONS  !!!! Just believe in yourself.

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Strong statement, don’t u think?

It’s funny when you think you know people and in a moment
You realize that you don’t know them at all,
It´s funny when you realize that u had something good,
But it’s now too late.
It’s funny how some people just want to bring u down,
And it’s funnier how some people let them.

Love……… what’s love? What does it mean being in love? What does it mean falling in love?
Love I think is an energy, a very powerful one, when you love, yourself, family, friends, partner, do u really love them or its  just because u have too?  Strong statement, don’t u think?  
A lot of great thinkers of all time knew that Love is a very strong word, it has a lot of meaning, take for example Shakespeare in all his work he talks about love and the different kinds of love there can be, and it got my attention his phrase LOVE…. Anything the nothing first create.  So by this statement I consider that Shakespeare got to the conclusion that LOVE is something so powerful, so magnificent that nothing could exist without love, love creates all, without love there be nothing.
LOVE…..  this strange feeling that`s  so poorly described in different , stories, plays, songs, movies, books, myths, and I must add essays like this one , but if u research it you get even more lost because everyone describes love as they live it and well this is different for everyone…. Because everyone its different ergo our perception of love is not quite the same….. But I will try to make an effort and describe it whit the correct delicacy and justice at it deserve
All this week LOVE haunted my mind what is love? And after alot of love movies, articles and of course a lot of cheesy love songs… hahaha… I started thinking that love it such a powerful emotion that makes friends in enemies, enemies in friends, can make u so high and can bring you down so easily that  you feel an enormous hole in your soul, take for example  Romeo and Juliet, adan and eve, Marco Antonio and Cleopatra I think you understand the point … all though history we have tales of love some of which are tragic, some of them are great … but I got to the conclusion that  there are different levels of love …. Are there?  Because love can bring tears to your eyes, or a big slime in our faces, when we feel that kind of love that brings tears to your eyes when something happens to our lover, family, friends and loved pets. When we feel a love that tears a part of us, and we react to it like flies to the light, and it’s interesting how everyone reacts in our own special way…

So there are many levels of love, I can only express some of them here. These are the ones we see in our daily lives. Friendship is one of the first levels I can think the love we feel for our friends, this is what makes us miss them when we don’t see them for a while and is also why we have some friends that no matter what happens, they are always there, Sometimes the bond between friends is so deep that we see them like family..

Another level of love is for our nuclear family and relatives. Although sometimes we do not like some of our family members, that link is still there! It is this level of love, family ties brought the phrase blood is thicker than water. We will do things for our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and children before you even consider any other person. A lot of  wars have been started due to this level of the family, brother or father's revenge, the father of the protection of his wife and children, or vice versa. This simple family relationship, you can even expand to include our pets, surprisingly, and that's a good thing.

A third level of love is the bond that brings man and woman together. This level is among the strongest of them all. It is this level of love that has brought together nations and kingdoms in the past, and ended many great wars. It is also for the love of a woman who has started some wars known as the Trojan Wars of ancient times. 

So after all this thinking the phrase, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, it seems is very true. It is our engine, for any reason whatsoever. Poems, plays, and legends can only briefly the true meaning of love. We can only feel what the meaning is, and express it in ways that we can only understand another. 

What is love? I do not know, but I’ll try to express it in all the possible ways that I can, to my family and friends, and my pets…. Because love doesn’t make the world go round I think, but it surely makes the ride worth wild….

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

porque ahora?

Bueno antes que nada... saludos a todos los que por x o y Esta leyendo este blog,  y debo comenzar por mencionar que ya tenia un blog hace algunos años por  allí, pero un día de la nada deje de escribir en el y me tarde mucho tiempo en  darme cuenta que la palabra escrita es un muy buen medio para mi para expresarme, así que decidí que sera como un reto porque intentare escribir mínimo una vez por semana durante todo el año así que sera un compromiso  no solo con la gente que tan amablemente me seguirá semana a semana sino también conmigo misma... si se puede.... bueno así  que con esto comienzo...