jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

thinking makes it so…

For this week I was thinking to write about family and all that stuff that comes to our mind on the holydays  but well that went kind of different coz the only thing that’s been haunting my mind it a quote of the movie Forest Gump "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.",  And as my mom wisely added " and that’s why Gia ( its my family nick name ) you have to try every single one so u can find out what flavor you like and what flavor you don’t like "…. So as the week went on I started analyzing how may times we make wrong choices that they may seem like right ones for a moment but then you realize they weren’t that good, so at first they may taste sweet and smooth and as you continue  the flavor becomes kind of sour.

and in life we make choices all the time, even thou we don’t even think about it for example every day you automatically make the choice to wake up and go to our jobs, schools , to take a bath, to eat lunch , what to eat, how to dress , what to see on tv, etc..
so life its full of choices some of them are conscience and well some of them are unconscious, and this is something very interesting if we think a little about the things we do automatically we might find out that the choice we make are not the best ones, and let me clear my point saying in life it doesn’t matter if you don’t make the right choice all the time, almost everyone is lucky enough to correct themselves and find the right way for them.  And actually sometimes the choices we make are maybe the right choice for us but that doesn’t mean that in the same situation others will make the same choice that we did, and this is neither good or bad, its just different.
So choices in life are relative, so I can say it depends on the eye of the beholder.
like when we choose a partner and this illustrates better what I was trying to say at first in the reading, when we chose a partner that seems like the right choice for us at first because he is sweet and polite and good looking  and then for whatever reason we find out that they aren’t that great for us the choice becomes sour.  But thankfully that’s why you have always the chance to change your mind.
And its not only for this kind of thing every day we decide a lot of things… sometimes the taste of a decision may be sour, sometimes it will be so sweet that you can’t  believe it.
But no matter the choices good or bad we make those are the things that make the person you are and the person you may be.
And actually like Shakespeare used to say; “there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so…
So sometimes we may feel down for some of the choices we had made, but don’t worry and see that maybe that "wrong" decision will make us learn and grow and that makes us better.
You may wonder how did I get to this conclusion and as I was bonding whit my cousins Maiky and Adrian they asked me, Gia do you have regrets? Like if you went back on time is there something you would do different? And my answer whit out thinking was NO…. so that’s true I really don’t have regrets  its not that I’ve always pick the best choice but the wrong decision as I said  before made me learn and makes me be the person I am.

So no matter what  decision you make in life  be thankful  because that made you who you are and well to be happy and in peace whit our self’s it’s the best thing we can do….

So don’t worry or wonder that much about you’re choice ….. just do it… coz in the long run that choice it’s you !!!!

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  1. I always think about choice. And I have a point of view about this. I hear about people take this decision because another person make the people did that. And is so easy when we put our choice in another shoulders.. Make our life easy and make our life a false life. Because we have to be owner in our life. And is so hard for some people say: Yes, I made this choice and was wrong. And I agree with you, the wrong choice in the end make us grow, make you who you are. And this is so important for our life, and some people are just blind about this and they are always complain about if I did that, if I did not that...so.. it's past and I'm sorry, you already have your way, so walk or turn, but never say: I did because others say...